Redcliffe Present Perfect:

Histories of Now


Redcliffe Present Perfect Histories of Now is an arts and heritage project, unearthing and sharing local memories, stories and knowledge about this unique area of Bristol as it is now, in living memory, and using theatre as a means of interpreting them creatively.



Run by PECo Theatre cic in partnership with Redcliffe residents and local community organisations including Redcliffe Residents Action Group, St Mary Redcliffe Church outreach, Faith Space Community Centre and Bristol City Council community learning, this 6 month project was made possible by money raised by National Lottery Players through the Heritage Lottery Fund.



It involved:




A Story Collecting Project, a core group of older citizens gaining the skills to collect oral histories, then going out and interviewing over 50 individuals with strong Redclife connections; people who live, work and play in Redcliffe or have done.


A Community Theatre Collective, local residents and others working with director Rachel Aspinwall and playwright David Lane to shape a first draft for a piece of site-specific theatre that was inspired by the unique character of the area and its diverse stories.


And Audio Visual Workshops, workshops with local school children and diverse groups, working with audio visual artist Tom Price from Limbic Cinema, sharing their stories and transforming them into audio-visual animations to be incorporated into the theatre peice.




Redcliffe is an historic area at the heart of Bristol with links right back to the city’s very beginnings. Situated on an island - bounded by river and road - it has seen huge changes as its built environment was destroyed by war and irrevocably altered by post war city planning.


It is sliced in half by a four lane highway that separates its communities and physical spaces and marks the border between north and south Bristol.


Redcliffe is also home to some of the city’s most significant heritage and history including the magnificent St Mary Redcliffe church.


The marked contrasts and boundaries in its built environment are echoed by the diversity and variety of people living in Redcliffe today, many of whom are separated by the borders and boundaries of culture, faith and demographic. The area houses some of the UK's poorest and most maginalised communities next to some of it's most wealthy




Redcliffe Present Perfect has aimed to cross these borders and engage people from all walks of Redcliffe life, to gather and make visible the shared story of this complex and diverse neighbourhood at a time when it is undergoing rapid re-development and is once again on the point of irrevocable change.














With heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all those who contributed, supported and participated in Redcliff Present Perfect: Histories of Now including:


Faith Space Community Centre ; Sarah James and Joy Kingswell.

St Mary Redcliffe Church staff ; Rhys Williams, Pete Rignall, Kat Campion Spall, Evelyn Burton-Guyett, Matthew Buckmaster, Andy Carruthers, Dan Tyndall.

Bristol City Council Community Learning ; Lucy Fieldhouse, James Bruton.

St Mary Redcliffe Primary School ; Apple and Cherry Class, Sarah Herbertson and Marie Thomas.

Bristol City Council ESOL course; Suzanne Beard and Adeela Cheena and course participants

Participants of the Theatre Collective and Story Collecting Project ; Ron Morton, Jeff Daniels, Di Rowlands, Rosemary Shakespeare, Rose Hicks, Ann Gwatkin, Tim Wickstead, Marion Durbur, Bruce Nash, Yvonne Long, Elanora Ferry, Rebecca Benjamin.

Story Collecting Project contributors; Debbie Thomas, Becky Macron, Del Prossor, Susan Parks, Markey Czeslaw Kaye, Brian Thornborough, Hiba Elhindi, Bryan Anderson, Richard James, Faaduma Mohamed, Lucy Fieldhouse, Sobia Fatima, Peter Madden and Lois Madden, Doreen Anderson, Ann Gwatkins, Peter Crispin, Martin Lee, Steve Smith, Bruce Nash, Tim Wickstead Chris Ottwell, John Phillips and Richard Evans, Mark Rolt, Rose Hicks, Mollie Smart, Vic Heybyrne, Tamadour Saliem, Rodney North, Auriol Britton, Mhosyn Perveaz, Melissa Mean, Stella Clarke, Roy Bishop, Annie Fortune, Ruth Roche, Ivor Watts, Enid Hobbs, Andy Curruthers, Juliet Hagan, Yvonne Long, Christine Bush, members of CLASS, Maurice Scofield, Angela Hogg, Sarah Janes, Sophie Frost, Diane Rowlands, Jeff Daniels, Audrey Organ, Laura Jarman, members of the Redcliffe Women’s Swimming Group, Royston Griffey, Caroline New.

Additional support from ; Peter Floyd and Cecile Gillard.

The celebration of work team, ushers and volunteers including; Rachel Hinds, Patrick Thomas, Emma Hughes, Kirsty Ireland, Carmel Williams, Bunty Matthews, Andrew Kirk.

Core project artists ; David Lane, Tom Price Project Director ; Rachel Aspinwall